You are interested in buying a new front or back door, done a search on Google and there is a good chance that you are overwhelmed by the choices and the information available.

That’s why we have created a useful checklist to help give you clarity on the advantages of external composite doors.

First things first, we need to introduce ourselves. Hallmark Doors are an industry-leading UK manufacturer of composite doors. Manufacturing & supplying thousands of doors every year for over 30 years. So you can be assured that when choosing a Hallmark composite door, you will be receiving a trusted and quality product.



  1. What is a composite door?

  2. 2000+ colour options

  3. In-house glazing 

  4. Foam-filled vs timber

  5. Thermal energy efficiency 

  6. High-security doors

  7. Largest range in the UK

  8. Stunning woodgrain

  9. Not all doors are made equal

  10. Hardware – The finishing touch

  11. Low maintenance

  12. Warranty

  13. Design your own

  14. Don’t have an installer?

  15. Got and installer already?

  16. Specify a Hallmark door

  17. Send us your photos



       2000+ Colour Options

  • Stand out from the crowd! We offer over 2000+ different door colour options that can be applied to the exterior of the door, the interior of the door and the frame. You can choose from one of our standard door colours (i.e anthracite grey) or upgrade to one of our premium pro colour options available to visualise on our online door designer. Want to choose your own door colour or match your front door to your garage door? With our composite door colour match service, you can do just that.Composite Door Colours

    In-House Glazing Designs

  • We manufacture our own bespoke glazing designs in-house. Why is this important? It means that we don’t have to rely on 3rd party suppliers, enabling us to maintain a higher level of quality control, reduce lead times and create bespoke designs. Don’t like the colour? We can change it. Want your house number in the design? No problems. We can even match the doors glazing design in sidelights and top lights.Online door designer 

    Foam Filled vs Timber

  • There is a common misconception that a timber door must be superior in quality when compared to a foam-filled composite door. However, with excellent weatherproofing, sound insulation, durability, security and being less prone to warp, a Hallmark foam filled door with a 10-year warranty makes it a no brainier. One of the main reasons to choose a foam-filled composite door leads onto our next point. Thermal efficiency.Online door designerGreen Thermally Efficient Composite Door                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hallmark

    Thermal Energy Efficiency

  • A thermally efficient composite door can help keep the heat in and keep the cold out and could save you money every month on your energy bills. Studies show that a Hallmark composite door is up to 17% more thermally efficient than a 44mm timber panelled door and 19% more thermally efficient than a 48mm solid timber core composite door.Online door designer

    High Security

  • When choosing a new front door one of the biggest concerns is security. Ensuring you, your family and your possessions are safe. A Hallmark composite door set has proven ability to achieve PAS24:2016, the industry’s enhanced security standard, a prerequisite in attaining certification to Secured by Design a police initiative to protect against unlawful intrusion.What this means is that we can manufacture a door to meet industry accreditations without compromising on the stunning design of the door.SBD, UKAS, DOC Q BM Trada Fire DoorOnline door designer

    Largest Range In The UK

  • We have done our research and know what external door designs are out there. We have curated one of the largest ranges of composite doors in the UK with over 150+ designs, ensuring you aren’t limited for choice. From traditional composite doors to modern composite doors and double rebated doors to composite stable doors, the design combinations are endless.But don’t be overwhelmed as our handy door designer helps you make those choices in an easy to follow step by step process.Take a look at the Traditional, Flush, Cottage, Country and Urban ranges below.Modern & Traditional Composite Doors

    Online door designer



    Not All Doors Are Made Equal


  • It can be easy to think that a door is a door no matter where it is acquired from. But like a mobile phone, car or even a loaf of bread the components it is made from make a big difference.We aren’t interested in a race to the bottom, to squeeze prices and reduce the quality of our products. What we are interested in is manufacturing a quality bespoke composite door that stands the test of time and looks great.Our doors as standard come with steel reinforced outer frame, fully adjustable hinges, aluminium edge banding, multi-point locking systems and impact resistant GRP skin.(GRP – Glass reinforced plastic).

    Online door designer


    Composite Door Wood Grain

    Stunning Woodgrain

  • So let’s talk about that outer skin. That’s what people in the street see from the outside and what you and your family see from the inside. So it’s important that it looks great! As stated in the previous point, not all doors are the same.Take a look down your street and you will see that the woodgrain effect on each door is completely different and some look much better than others.This is where a Hallmark door stands out and it is because of our woodgrain effect. It is a natural and authentic woodgrain based on an American Ash tree.One of the biggest compliments our doors receive is just how good they look. Don’t just take our word for it take look at our customer gallery.

    Customer Composite doors

    Online door designer



    Hardware – The Finishing Touch

  • Door hardware is anything that is fitted to the door like letterplates, handles, knockers, numeral and viewers. The design you choose and the finish you choose can completely change the appearance of your new door.

    Modern, traditional, minimal or outright bold, this is where you can put your stamp on your door.

    We offer door furniture 14 different finishes; black, white, gold, chrome, stainless steel, rose gold and even more… You can use our door designer tool to try them all out.

    Door hardware

    Online door designer

    Low Maintenance

  • Now, this is an easy section to write because you don’t really need to do anything to maintain a Hallmark composite door. Once fitted a wipe down with warm soapy water (never use cleaning products) is generally the most you will ever need to do. Even that is optional.Online door designer


  • Rest assured that when choosing a Hallmark door you are acquiring a quality product with a 10-year warranty*

    *5 years for golden oak & rosewood

    Online door designer

    Design Your Own Door

  • Now it is time to design your own door, check out those colours, pick a glass design and choose your own finishing touches.Not sure? Make as many variations as you like and put it to a poll in your household. The door designer helps you see exactly what your door will look like and removes that element of uncertainty.Hopefully, this checklist has helped clear up some of the big questions regarding composite doors. If you still have an unanswered question then please feel free to get in touch with our helpful customer service team .

    Online Door Designers Not For You?

  • Click here to view our online brochure or we can send one out in the post to you. Email for your brochure.

    How To Order & Composite Door Prices

    Hallmark manufacturers and supplies composite doors and we do not offer installation service. However, we can sort that out for you.


    Don’t have an installer?

    We have thousands of reputable installation companies in our UK network and we can find you an installer who is local to you once you have submitted your online design. They will then be able to arrange a survey, finalise designs, order your dream door and organise installation.

    Online door designer

         Got an installer already?

Already found an installer or have a family member or friend who can fit it for you? Great, you can either buy direct from us or ask your installer to make the purchasing arrangements.

Online door designer


Specify A Hallmark Door

Many installation customers acquire doors from multiple different manufacturers all of which are completely different doors. So ensure that you specify that you require a Hallmark door.

Online door designer


Send us your photos

Once you have your new door installed then you can submit your images via our social media channels or via Every photo submission enters you in a draw to win either a £50 M&S voucher or a £50 Amazon voucher.



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