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Dual-Certified FD30s Composite Fire Doors

We are proud to announce the return of our FD30s dual-certified composite fire doors. After over a year of thorough testing and extensive product development, we are now in a position to offer fire doors to the residential, new build and social housing sectors.

Q-Mark Certified 

Completed rigorous factory and stock control audits to independently reassure specifiers and purchasers that our fire door certified products are manufactured to an auditable and consistent quality.

Test Evidence

 EN1634-1: 2014, A1:2018, EN14351 CE,EN1634-3:2004

Tested up to 850 degrees celcius, withstanding fire exposure to both sides to achieve a ‘pass’ result, exceeding the requirement of 30 minutes performance.



Fire Door Burn Test

Test results at 30 minutes & 8 seconds show the doors successfully meeting the minimum target. Lasting up to the 39-minute point.




What Is Dual-Certification?

This means that the fire doors not only meet the strict fire safety requirements but also  enhanced PAS24:2016 security standards
(SBD Secured By Design).


What doors will be available?

Initially, in the first phase of release, we will be offering a solid composite fire door, available with top-lights. 



composite fire door designs


What colours will be available?

Standard Colours – white, black, blue, green & red 

Anthracite Grey, Chartwell green & Special RAL optional upgrades


When will glazed designs be available?

Phase 2 of our composite fire door release will include glazed door designs. Available later this year. 

What next?

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